About Us

Welcome to Global Virtual Mental Health (GVMH)

The Virtual Center for Tele Mental Health and Wellness provides diagnostic and therapeutic services and counseling in the field of behavioral and mental health using advanced telehealth technology.

Experts at GVMH has more than 50 years of cumulative experience in diagnosis and management of these conditions.

GVMH provides secure and reliable services to connect individuals to our expert behavioral psychiatrists or psychologists.

Our services overcome geographical boundaries and makes travel unnecessary.

GVMH utilizes video and audio technology platforms to connect you to our mental health experts.

The service that you will receive at GVMH will be provided by experts familiar with your native language and culture.

We are here to provide upscale affordable mental health and wellness services using experienced and well-known experts in the mental health fields. Our goal is to promote the mental wellbeing of individuals based on their needs while avoiding any travel.

Global Virtual Mental Health provides comprehensive mental wellness services using its international team of experienced mental health and wellness experts from all over the world. We know that being well mentally has a long-lasting effect on the wellbeing of body and mind and will result in a well-balanced life. The scientific evidence shows that mental wellness promotes healing of the body. We use scientific evidence-based practice in our approach to mental health and wellness.
We strive to promote mental wellness and expedite healing of mind and body. Our experts promote mental wellness according to the latest scientific and evidence-based approaches and recommendations.
Our services directly connect individuals to experts for evaluation through a video visit.
The virtual nature of our services allows access to experts from all over the world with no need to travel. We overcome the geographical boundaries and provide the services at an affordable cost.
As mental health conditions are viewed negatively by some; your evaluation is kept confidential and will not be reported to any entity or person. Thus, you receive state of the art mental health and wellness care at the privacy and comfort of your home.

Use of academically oriented experts with vast experience in the fields related to mental health and wellness.

Use of state of the art scientific and evidenced-based tools for evaluating and improving our clients’ mental health and wellness.

Use of advanced, reliable, and secure telecommunication technology to connect our clients to our experts.

Use of cultural and language-oriented criteria to maximize compatibility between our clients and our experts.

Use of technology to overcome the geographical boundaries and travel requirements.

Use of international experts to reduce the cost of services.

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