Azita Chehri, PhD


Dr. Azita Chehri


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Member, Department of Psychology

Kermanshah Branch, Islamic Azad University

Kermanshah, Iran

Practice Area


General Psychology


Psychology and Counselling Organization

Islamic Republic of Iran (PCOIRAN).

Years in Practice

17 Years


PhD, General Psychology

Science & Research University of Iran


MS, Psychometric

Azad University of Iran, Tehran Markazi Branch


BA, Biology

Al Zahra University, Tehran, Iran


Honors & Awards

Rank Second, Psychology Doctorate Entrance Exam

Rank Second, Proposal on How to free from addition


1- Validation of the Farsi version of the revised Adolescent Sleep -Hygiene Scale (ASHSr): a cross-sectional study; BMC Psychiatry (2017)

2- Psychometric Properties of the Persian Version of Sleep Hygiene Index in the General Population; Iran J Psychiatry Behavior Science (2016)

3- Sleep Hygiene Index: reliability and validity of the Persian version in the male population; Kermanshah University Medicine Science (2016)

4- Psychometric Properties of the Persian version of Sleep Hygiene Index in women; J Kermanshah University Medicine Science (2015)

5- The Comparison   of   Craving for opioid in opioid   Dependent and people with Methadone Maintenance Treatment; Journal of Kermanshah University of Medical Sciences (2013)

6- The Comparison of Sleep Disorders among shift workers and non-shift workers in Kermanshah Hospital; Journal of Kermanshah University of Medical Sciences (2013)

7- Among adolescents, addiction susceptibility and sleep-related dysfunction have a common cognitive-emotional base and predict poor sleep quantity; Journal of Substance Use (2019)

8- Sleep quality and the problems in smokers and nonsmokers: a comparative study; Journal of Substance Use (2020)

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