Psychiatric Services

Our mental health doctors help to treat different disorders with practical and evidence bases methods. Psychotherapy helps people with a variety of mental and emotional conditions by eliminating or controlling symptoms to improve mental health. Psychotherapy is used in management of depression, anxiety, obsessions and other psychiatric disorders.

Psychotherapy helps to solve problems such as disturbances in coping with daily life stressors, emotional pressure, physical illness, loss of relatives and friends (such as the death of a loved one), and specific mental conditions (such as depression and anxiety). There are many types of psychotherapy. One type may have a better effect on a particular condition. Medications or other therapies can be used along with psychotherapy.

Child psychotherapy is a dynamic specialized effort by which the therapist works to treat behavioral and mental conditions, change or stop the symptoms of mental illness, and ultimately transform the child’s personality to the desired individual and social criteria. Through psychotherapy, it solves the client’s functional problems and helps achieve mental development and mental health.

There are no differences among basic psychological processes in the elderly and younger adults. Of course, the aging process and its associated pathological changes cause psychological problems that are relatively specific to this age group. The goals of individual therapy for the elderly are to maintain self-confidence despite physical, sexual, and social changes and thus, properly use their leisure time. Generally, psychotherapy in the elderly is relatively situation-oriented, problem-oriented. It, in the context of the established personality, elderly psychotherapy seeks solutions and does not seek an obvious and drastic change of personality.

Mood and emotional conditions are among the most common types of mental disorders in all ages. These mental disorders may be in the mildest form, such as a very simple and minor depression, or a very severe, advanced, prolonged, and recurrent state. This group of mental illnesses can be caused by a known cause. Such as severe depression following the loss of loved ones, tragic events, or financial bankruptcies.

Anxiety is a warning sign that danger is on the way so that one can take an action to deal with it. Anxiety, therefore, declares an external or internal danger and preserves life, but when anxiety is irrational and is intensified in daily life, it becomes a disorder.
Anxiety disorders include Panic disorder (alone or with agoraphobia), specific phobia and social phobia, general anxiety disorder (GAD), acute stress disorder.
Treatment options for anxiety disorders are psychotherapy and medications.

A personality disorder is a set of psychological conditions and its main feature is rigid and inflexible behavior in the affected person. These disorders and behaviors make individuals incompatible with the requirements of daily life and disrupt their social relationships.
Personality disorders usually begin in adolescence or early adolescence, is chronic, pervasive, and persistent, and can ultimately cause serious damage to the psychological wellbeing of the person.
Early detection of these disorders is very important because, with the start of treatment, less damage and disruption is done to the affected individual or others.
Psychotherapy is the main treatment option for personality disorders. In some case medications are helpful.

Sexual disorders include abnormal sexual fantasies, desires, or behaviors that involve other people that do not desire to be part of them. The treatment of sexual disorders is an important area in psychology. Sexual disorders have significant personal, societal and legal consequences and their adverse effects go beyond the affected person. Thus, the treatment of various sexual disorders, in addition to being effective in the more psychological adjustment of the affected person and improving his/her quality of life, prevents others from becoming victims and makes the community safe a secure specially for minors.

Quasi-physical disorders are a wide range of diseases that their physical signs and symptoms are a major component of the illness. They are also cause somatoform disorders. The term Somatoform is derived from the Greek word soma meaning “body”. The disorders involve interactions between the mind and the body, in which the brain, in ways that are not yet known, sends various messages that affect a person’s consciousness and indicate a serious problem in the body. Besides, there are unknown psychological or cerebral mechanisms that cause minor or unrecognizable changes in neurochemistry, neurophysiology, and neuro immunology that cause the disease. Major treatment for these disorders involves psychotherapy and pharmacotherapy.

Memory loss is an inevitable part of aging. If you usually forget things related to just a few hours ago, you will experience short-term memory loss. The first thing that probably comes to mind is that you have Alzheimer’s, but not all memory loss is caused by Alzheimer’s. Many mental health conditions may present as memory loss. Identifying the causes of memory loss may help to improve memory or prevent further loss.

Psychological Services

A psychoanalyst is a psychologist or psychiatrist who has chosen psychotherapy as his or her treatment approach. Psychoanalysts believe that the disorders for which clients refer to a therapist are only the superstructure of the disease, and the main issues are more related to the subconscious mind of people and their conflicts. Psychologists try to find these conflicts and try to resolve them by examining people’s pasts. Because everyone is not aware of the unconscious content of their mind. Therefore, the psychoanalyst can help the person in this way.

Family counseling or couple therapy is a type of psychotherapy that helps all couples recognize and resolve differences and improve their relationship. Through couple therapy, you can make informed decisions about rebuilding or improving your relationship with your spouse.

Resolving marital disputes is not the only function of family counseling. The key to maintaining a successful family unit is for family members to understand and recognize each other’s needs on time and to strike a balance between their own needs and the needs of family members.

Family counseling takes a special look at the needs of individuals within the framework of a healthy definition of the family and tries to create the desired balance by combining the needs of family members. Therefore, any family problem is included in this type of counseling.

Marriage comes with a heavy commitment and responsibility. In any marriage, two people commit to taking the necessary steps to build a life together and to stick to each other’s love forever. But to fulfill these commitments, three important things must be weighed before marriage: the readiness of each to form a life together, the fit and compatibility of the couple and the family, and finally the communication skills of both. Because people may not be able to see the facts and investigate properly before marriage due to interest and enthusiasm, it is best to seek premarital counseling by an experienced professional. It is not without merit to mention that the counselor does not decide for you, but by talking to both people and taking personality tests, if necessary, he can inform you of the challenges ahead and train you to face them.